Frequently Asked Questions

Big ideas spark big questions.

What does Givewith do?

Givewith enables organizations to support social impact while driving business objectives, by harnessing the power of commerce. Our platform transforms social impact from a cost center to a revenue generator for B2B transactions. Through technology and services, we leverage B2B transactions to drive new business value for both sales and procurement organizations, while enabling you to drive progress across global social and environmental issues. 

How does Givewith work for Sales?

Givewith helps differentiate your offering, provide new value to customers, and win more business. Include Givewith’s social impact sales incentives in strategic deals to help your customers meet critical CSR or philanthropic goals, create cross-departmental value for their organization, and make a positive impact.

How does Givewith work for Procurement?

Givewith enables procurement teams to generate new value across your entire organization through everyday spend, while delivering positive social change. Expand the role and impact of procurement by embedding Givewith social impact in your RFP process, and strengthen supplier relations by allowing them to participate through their response. 

How does the Givewith model provide business value?

Givewith turns your company’s support for social causes into a concrete competitive advantage. Not only does our platform help you win more deals at lower acquisition costs, you can improve brand favorability, increase your Net Promoter Score by up to 10 points, grow employee engagement by nearly 10%, and positively influence ESG scores.

How does Givewith make social impact recommendations?

Our Platform analyzes millions of data points to identify the top programs that will contribute to your desired business outcomes. For each deal, Givewith delivers curated programs from thousands of funding opportunities and precise metrics on the impact your funding will generate.

Why is the model based on a percentage of B2B spend?

Relying on downstream donations and siloed philanthropic efforts perpetuates scarce funding for social issues. Givewith’s model revolutionizes social impact by funding it from the top line of revenue -- opening up $96 Trillion dollars in B2B transactions to drive sustainable, and lasting positive impact on global social and environmental issues.

As a procurement team, shouldn’t we ask suppliers for a cash discount instead?

Innovative procurement organizations understand that purchasing decisions can generate value that goes far beyond cost savings. With Givewith, you can secure the best price possible and make a meaningful social impact, without placing added burden on suppliers. Unlike cash discounts, which hurt your supplier’s margins, the outcomes from funding social impact creates value for you and your supplier. 

How should a procurement leader successfully position Givewith to their suppliers?

Your suppliers already invest in sales and marketing costs to acquire and retain customers like you. Unlike their other acquisition tools, Givewith adds value to both sides of a deal, for both procurement and sales, because the supplier benefits as well. When a supplier directs a % of the total deal to a nonprofit through Givewith, Givewith’s platform and services are designed to ensure that the business value they receive significantly exceeds their initial % commitment. 

Why should B2B sellers fund social impact as part of their customer acquisition and retention strategy?

As a sales enablement resource, Givewith differentiates your offering, provides new value to customers, speeds deal times, and wins more business. Research with Boston Consulting Group has confirmed Givewith’s value as a sales asset: Procurement executives value $1 of social impact through Givewith 13x as much as they value $1 of discount.

How does Givewith help sales organizations win more business?

Givewith is a social impact extension to your current sales process that helps you stand out from competitors and win more business. Sales organizations can see up to a 2% increase in their sales margin from reduced discounting on deals — and a 7% increase in sales overall. As an example, CBS earned $600M in additional advertising spend with early applications of Givewith’s model.

How does Givewith compare to other elements of a sales strategy? 

The Givewith platform enables sales teams to use social impact as a unique sales incentive and differentiator, which delivers better ROI than tradtional client acquisition tactics. Givewith is the only client acquisition spend that actually delivers shared value - not only do you benefit as a seller from closing more business, but your clients reap the benefit from participating in social impact as well.

How is this different from what my CSR team is doing today?

Corporate Social Responsibility leaders have amazing success with new strategies that reduce carbon emissions, create a more equitable future, and improve communities across the globe. Despite this progress, we need up to an additional $7 Trillion each year to achieve all 17 UN SDGs by 2030. Givewith’s model is an extension of your CSR team’s strategy, enabling you to better achieve your goals through new sources of funding. 

How does Givewith support my CSR objectives?

You’re already changing the world and maximizing your impact with strategic use of your budgets. Givewith helps you find new sources of funding for your social impact priorities by tapping into everyday operations. We can expand your budget, your role, and your impact within your organization.

Could this change the way companies think about their corporate responsibility?

Today, companies know corporate responsibility is mission-critical. Yet many companies haven’t yet identified how they can integrate it into each and every department. Givewith makes it simple to build support for social causes into your everyday operations, not only to improve the world, but improve your business success, too, turning your CSR strategy into a competitive advantage. 

How is this different from what my foundation is doing? 

Givewith is neither a charity nor a philanthropy. Our platform enables a new business model that unlocks new funding for social impact. Givewith does not replace your company’s current philanthropic efforts. We provide more momentum for your initiatives through new funding sources that direct more dollars towards critical causes.

Can Givewith integrate with my existing platforms?

We are always looking for ways to extend the value of our platform and products for our customers, including via technical integrations. If you would like to discuss how Givewith's extensible platform could integrate with your systems and other third-party platforms, please get in touch.