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A radical new way to fund and deliver on corporate net zero targets

Net Zero Now: A new solution unlike any other in the marketplace today

Givewith enables companies to embed the funding of high-quality, verified net zero initiatives such as renewable energy and carbon removals within their everyday business transactions. The Platform securely tracks, traces, and accounts for every tonne of carbon, creating a full end-to-end, funding-to-traceability and reporting experience. 

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Givewith represents a potential breakthrough in creating business models that benefit society and the planet by integrating social and environmental impact as a component of transactions.

Todd Cort & Cary KrosinskyYale Initiative on Sustainable Finance

The business drivers: Shared Value

Tangible benefits that, dollar for dollar, create more business value, and build a more sustainable and prosperous environment and society.

Our product: A powerful new technology platform

Sellers of any product or service can offer offsets and other innovative environmental projects as a sales incentive. On the flip side, buyers can ask for offsets when issuing requests for proposals (RFPs).