Givewith® for Procurement

Collaborate with your suppliers on impactful social impact initiatives and elevate the strategic contributions you make to your business.

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Get more out of each deal with Givewith for Procurement

Add social impact seamlessly into your sourcing events

Our proprietary platform offers a streamlined, flexible process designed to easily fit with your existing systems and workflows.

Co-innovate with your suppliers to build better relationships

Our proprietary platform uses data to identify relevant, high-impact social impact programs best suited for both you and your supplier.

Celebrate your shared impact with your suppliers

Our content library features high-quality storytelling and reporting assets for you and your supplier to tell your team, stakeholders, customers, and the world about the impact you created through your deal.

See impact in key metrics across your procurement team when you use Givewith

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of executives believe Givewith would elevate Procurement's strategic importance (1)


of executives believe Givewith could enable Procurement to achieve the company’s CSR goals (1)


of executives believe Givewith could improve their company’s ESG scores (1)

Backed byBCG Logoresearch.1. Value survey, November 2019.

How it works

Our platform allows you to easily add social impact into sourcing events without disrupting your workflow. Just invite your supplier to opt-in.

Our proprietary platform produces a curated list of pre-vetted, high-impact nonprofit programs that maximize the value for you and your supplier.

Once your deal has closed, we handle the impact invoicing and work closely with the nonprofit to track their progress on the program.

You and your suppliers unlock storytelling content, reporting assets, and guided experiences that help different departments communicate the impact internally and externally to achieve KPIs.

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