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It’s time to rally your entire organization to contribute to positive social impact. Lead the charge, and find new sources of funding that positively influence business metrics.

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Scale your impact

You’re already changing the worldutilizing new strategies that are reducing carbon emissions, creating a more equitable future, and improving the state of communities across the globe. All while being strategic with the use of your budgets. But frankly, you need more. We'll help you scale your impact like never before by tapping into the selling and purchasing power of your company to generate entirely new funding that advances your goals. As an extension of your CSR department, we’ll help increase the pie of funding your organization can give.

Team Rubicon UK builds a highly motivated, skilled volunteer base of veterans for when disaster strikes.

Our technology helps you get more to do more

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of executives believe Givewith could improve their company’s ESG scores (1)


The average impact multiple made possible by funding programs in Givewith's Social Impact Network (2)


The number of UN Sustainable Development Goals Givewith programs work to address

Backed byBCG Logoresearch.Backed by BCG research 1. Value survey, November 2019; 2. Social Finance and Givewith, August 2020.

Expand your budget by collaborating with your entire organization

Find new sources of funding for your social impact priorities by tapping into everyday operations—without straining resources like time and money. This approach enables you to reach your responsibility goals while elevating the importance of your commitment. In partnership with your sourcing and sales department, you can:

  • Generate new sources of funding

  • Strengthen nonprofit partnerships

  • Create sustainable funding streams

Expand your strategy without changing your process

Givewith is designed to support your existing strategy by enabling you to work with departments that can deliver value for you. Because these departments are responsible for implementing Givewith, you’ll be driving your strategy without changing your process or significantly increasing your workload. By collaborating with other departments, you’ll be able to achieve even more.

Track, measure, and report on social impact initiatives

We know it’s important for you to show tangible results of your initiatives. Our platform provides in-depth information on specific metrics that can be added to your reports. You’ll also receive creative content and reporting materials that, when shared, can increase customer sentiment and employee engagement, bolster sustainability reports, and even increase ESG scores. Assets include:

  • Videos and photography

  • ESG reporting guides

  • Press releases, infographics, and social media posts

Social impact drives innovation across your entire organization

Positively influence your organization's ESG scores

Enhance employee engagement and increase retention

Address your organization's sustainability and responsibility goals

Establish yourself as a forward-thinking, socially conscious organization

I really think that Givewith has cracked the code on an innovative solution for us to really be able to impact the tech industry in the way that we want to do that.

Lesley Slaton BrownChief Diversity Officer, HP Inc.