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Embed social impact into your procurement process to address sustainability goals and collaborate with your suppliers in new, meaningful ways

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Add social impact to your sourcing strategy

Today’s innovative procurement organizations are not only expected to get the best price, quality, and service, but also deliver additional business value, including working with supply chains and other stakeholders to drive and deliver corporate environmental and social impact goals. By using Givewith to collaborate with your suppliers on impactful social impact initiatives, you’ll be able to do all of this, in addition to elevating the strategic contributions you make to your business—without adding costs to your purchasing.

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Make a bigger impact on company-wide initiatives

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of executives believe Givewith would help their company achieve the company CSR goals (1)


of executives believe Givewith could improve their company’s ESG scores (1)

Backed byBCG Logoresearch.Backed by BCG research 1. Value survey, November 2019.

Leverage the power of your spend to achieve sustainability goals

Givewith offers an alternative to cutting costs that helps you build and maintain strong relationships with your suppliers, and drives business value for both parties. By asking suppliers to invest a small percentage of your deal to social impact, you’ll both share in the business value derived from supporting your responsibility and sustainability goals. And it’s easy to create this value in every supplier engagement through our RFP templates.

Track and report the positive impact of every supplier engagement

The Givewith platform provides robust data and analytics so you can clearly see the impact that each deal has made—on both the community and your business. In-depth reports detail the outcomes of the social impact program and business value delivered, making the story easy to share with key stakeholders for both you and your supplier. Reporting includes:

  • Reports tailored for top ESG and sustainability ratings agencies

  • Precise impact metrics (for example, the number of beneficiaries helped or trees planted)

Bring new value to other departments and increase spend under management

When Givewith is included in a deal, not only are you achieving your sourcing needs, but you’re also unlocking new and exciting value for your colleagues in corporate social responsibility, marketing, human resources, investor relations, and more. With creative content and reporting materials that, when shared, can increase customer sentiment and employee engagement, bolster sustainability reports, and even increase ESG scores—colleagues will have even more reason to bring their purchasing needs to your department.

Seamlessly integrate Givewith into your existing process

Make social impact even easier by integrating it into your existing cloud-based tools with the Givewith API. By automating notifications, approvals, reporting, and more, through your existing channels and apps, you can make social impact simple for everyone involved. Support includes:

  • Dedicated Client Success Team

  • Custom proposal links for your suppliers

  • API integration

Sourcing can drive social innovation across the company

Positively influence your organization's ESG scores

Enhance employee engagement and increase retention

Address your sustainability and responsibility goals

Establish yourself as a forward-thinking, socially conscious organization

Every Fortune 500 company is measured by their ESG initiatives and standardized global reporting. Givewith has the unique ability to tie social impacts back to these line items.

Mike SmykloFormer SVP Procurement, CBS

A closer look at Givewith® for Procurement

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